Tuesday, August 2, 2016


We were away this past weekend for a family wedding. Miranda had her first ever sleep over with some of her cousins. She did very well without us and we, in turn, did pretty ok without her, too. Both Gary and I have left her before, but never at the same time for more than one night.

After a very long drive north, we checked into our hotel and went to dinner. There was no kids menu and no diaper bag - just two adults going out for a meal. Over a nice glass of wine, Gary and I started to talk about the past week.

Going "viral" was a game-changer for me. Deciding to be a writer, a (hopefully) published writer, is a big deal.  The plan was to start this week. But how?

My original outline was almost comical. Way too many topics - many of which would only be interesting to those that know me. How to I grow my audience past this blog and expand my world? I still want to keep my blog as this is my sacred space, but can I do both?

Turns out I can. 

Thus #time2momup was born. I have my very own hashtag! This week I will buy the domain and make sure it's mine. Then the magic can begin.

Time To Mom Up will be my story of becoming a mom. It will be my story of what it's like for me to be a mom. It may also include stories from other moms. It may also be about my mom. My target audience will be mostly women. After all, we all either have moms, are moms, know moms, love moms, can't stand some moms and/or can relate to one or more of those groups! It will be for the mom who struggled to conceive. The mom who agonized waiting for the test strip to turn pink. The mom who had to survive her world without her baby in it. The mom who carried a child to term and placed her with us to raise. The mom who feels blessed every day to raise her child.

I have two daughters. One is flying outside my window the very moment that I am typing this blog in the form of a monarch butterfly. One is at camp today with big girl panties on for the first time and hopefully not making a mess! Both girls have shaped me in ways that I do not fully even realize and I want to share some of that with the world. I want to share what it's like to be a mom to these amazing girls.

Here's to the future of my literary career! #time2momup

All good ideas start on a bar napkin!

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