Thursday, January 28, 2016

When the cat's away...

the mice will play.

And oh will they play!

Gary is on his first business trip with his new company. He flew out on Sunday, pretty much right after the snow stopped falling. Miranda and I have been left to our own devices ever since.

Here is what I have learned:

1. We work better with Dada here. Potty training has all but ceased to exist and it takes me much longer to put Miranda to bed by myself. She somehow always gets "one more book" and "one more song" when I am in charge.

2. Without Dada here, we act like there are no rules. We eat dinner in the living room while playing games on the iPad or watching someone find Nemo for the thousandth time. 

3. Double ear infections, an allergy to medication and a rash on an almost 3-year-old are brutal when there is only one adult in the house.

4. When that one adult also gets sick, all bets are off.

We are a family of four to us, but a family of three to most of the world. When we shrink to a family of two, chaos is sure to follow.

We have enjoyed our girl time, though. We tried out some new nail polishes and some new hair do's. Miranda begged me for the "Superman" when I was brushing her hair this morning. She was quite mad when her hair looked the same as usual. WHAT THE HECK IS THE SUPERMAN? You know who would know? Dada.

Growing up when and how I did, I was not sure that I wanted to have children of my own. That is no secret. When I met Gary, that changed pretty quickly. When I got pregnant with Allie, I knew I was meant to be a mom. When Miranda was first placed in my arms, I knew I was going to really enjoy it.

We have our ups and our downs. We have our smiles and our tears. We have each other and I feel so lucky and fortunate for that.

I can't remember what my life was like before my girls. I am glad I do not have to.

I can remember, though, what our life was like up till Sunday when Gary was here and all I can say is that his plane can't land fast enough tonight!

Face Time with Gary

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