Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1st

A new month is upon us. Which means a new email to Miranda's birth mother. We promised her monthly emails and it's easiest for us to send them on the first of the month. I suspect now she knows to look for them on this day.

I usually like to take my time and think about what has happened over the last month before I start writing. I review the mail I have sent her in the past and try to build on it so she has a narrative of Miranda's life.

This month came a bit too quickly for me. Between Gary's business trip last week and both our birthday celebrations and the snow and all of us being sick, I just sat down about an hour go to write to M.

Miranda was sitting on my lap so I explained what I was doing. She asked to see pictures of M which was new. Then she said "aw" when I showed her photos from our last visit. Shortly after, she got distracted and climbed down and went back to playing. Her comprehension is there, though - and I bet we are going to get some questions sooner rather than later. For now, we just looked at the images on my laptop screen and then went on with our morning.

I saw an email that M sent to us last month. She rarely replies to our emails because we stressed that we did not really want that. We are happy to send her updates and emails, but we are not looking for even more communication. Our monthly emails and twice a year visits work for all of us.

This reply was one that I was happy to receive, though.  

"You guys always tell me how thankful you are for me, but I dont think I have ever gotten the chance to tell you.... I am the most thankful person in the world to have found you in my search for the perfect family for her. So thank you for being you and letting me share in Miranda's life. The joy she brings to my life is unparalleled and I dont know what I would have done if I didnt find you."

We are raising this amazing girl. She is so "us" and yet she is part M, too. It's a joy and a rush to be reminded that Miranda's biology matches what we are giving her and with the combo of M and us, I really think this little lady is going to be someone terrific one day.

Oh wait. She already is.

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  1. I need to avoid reading your posts at work. Getting a bit choked up puts a ding in my macho facade.


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