Tuesday, September 24, 2013


In all my years, I thought I knew the definition of the word love.

I was so wrong.

Love is all encompassing.  Love is romantic.  Love is never ending.

Blah Blah Blah

Love is someone holding your baby so you can go to the bathroom.  Love is your husband cooking dinner AND cleaning the dishes after you have been home with the baby all day.  Love is the person who brings you lunch.  Love is hand-me-down clothes.  Love is listening to your anxiety and fears and telling you that you are a good mom in spite of it all.  Love is sharing a funnel cake with your close friend on her birthday because you wanted to take the baby to a carnival.

Love is what makes MY world go round.  Love is how I can stay home with Miranda full time.  Love is indeed all we need.  (And a cleaning person, professional laundry service and full time nanny!!)

It takes many months to acclimate to a new job.  I am glad someone reminded me of this fact yesterday.  Learning to be home with Miranda full time is as adjustment to us both.  My first week home, I had a head cold and she had a tooth coming in and I was not sure what end was up.  I need to find my rhythm and in time, I know I will.  While waiting for that to happen, I get rewarded with enough giggles and smiles to make any day a great one.

At lunch with a friend last week, it was pointed out to me that motherhood may be harder for me than some because I came to it later in life and was so used to a life that just revolved around me.  And then Gary and me. Adding a baby to the mix tossed our world upside down - but in the best possible way.  The 37 weeks of pregnancy with Allie prepared me to be Miranda's mom but there was a 2 year gap.  In that time, I got used to sleeping in and binge watching shows like Dexter.  We had 2 weeks to adjust to parenthood this time around and now that I am home, I am adjusting even more.

And I would not have it any other way.  I wish I could add "Miranda's Mommy" to my resume for this is by far my hardest job yet.  And I am beginning to suspect, it is also the one that I am gonna to rock the most!


Pumpkin Pickin'

Happy Birthday to my college roommate who drove 6 hours round trip to spend the some time with Miranda (and us!)

Enjoying tummy time

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