Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Viva Las Vegas

Last night, we got home from Vegas.  Gary and I have traveled a lot this year, but this is the trip we planned when we were in the hospital back in April.  In the delivery room, my hair pulled back, booties on my feet, gown draped over my bulging baby bump, we decided that we need to have something to look forward to once we got home and Vegas would be that something.  And I am so glad we went.

This past Monday was the 3 year anniversary of our first date.  My coworker and I were going out for drinks after work to celebrate his promotion.  The rest is history.  So it seemed like planning our trip around that anniversary was a good idea.   We found a wedding chapel where we could renew our vows and we anxiously looked forward to our vacation.

The trip did not disappoint.  We ate till we were stuffed (those buffets are no joke!) and we laughed at all the spectacles.  We walked down the strip in awe and in fear (but in an amusing way!).  We saw some amazing shows and shopped for souvenirs and had a trip that we will always remember.

Then came time to renew our vows.  The folks there seemed surprised that we were doing this after only a year and 5 months of  marriage, but said that meant want to remarry the person we were married to, after such a short period of time.  Elvis seranaded us with "Can't Help Falling in Love" as we walked down the isle.  We repeated after him - that we would love and cherish each other every day of our lives, that we would never wear our blue suede shoes in the rain...all the normal stuff that wedding vows are made of, right?

I was grinning from ear to ear as Gary placed a new ring on my other hand.  (Nice perk!).  We walked back down the aisle as the ceremony concluded and then participated in a little photo shoot.  For a few minutes on Monday, I had no other cares in the world.  It was such a nice escape!

Ever since Gary and I got together, we do this little thing..."What was the favorite part of your day?" or "What was your favorite part of this trip?"  On Monday, without even asking (which is part of the game), Gary turned to me and said, "This is the highlight (favorite part) of the trip for me."  I swooned, I will not lie!

While October marked an anniversary for us, it also marked an anniversary for Allie.  She would have been 6 months old this past weekend.  Instead of worrying about her teething or sitting up on her own, we were on a vacation.  Most new parents don't get to go on vacation, not to mention 3 vacations!  Here we are having seen Chicago, Memphis, and now Las Vegas.  We are having fun, making memories, living our lives.  We are staying strong for each other and for our daughter.  We are still a family and we are still here.  Living, loving, laughing...


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vegas! So glad you guys had such a nice trip!

    I love that you renewed your vows. I don't think it matters how long you are married when you renew them and after going through what you two have been through it's a whole new kind of love. We thought about doing it on our cruise, but it was way expensive.

    Glad you guys had such a nice anniversary. October is our first date anniversary too :) Your pictures are adorable...aww love!

  2. What a great idea. Vacations have saved us since losing Andrew... I'm serious. I work so we can vacation because being at home for stagnant lengths of time is too hard for us. The moment we got home from the hospital after birthing our son, we planned a trip to the Caribbean. This Christmas is Texas. Whatever is relatively inexpensive but gets us out of Dodge.

    Glad you got away and I think it's super sweet you renewed your vows. I completely understand... especially after losing your little girl! Marriage can be rocked or it can become stronger. :)

  3. I wondered where you had been! Glad you had fun and what a great way to honor your family by renewing your vows. I really like yours and Gary's relationship (hope that didn't sound weird!)


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