Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A star, a tree and some mud

Last month, as Gary and I were in Las Vegas, renewing our wedding vows and vacationing, we hit the 6 month anniversary of when Allie came into this world.  I was very aware of the date, and yet there really was not much to "do".  We talked about her the same as any other day and we tried our best to make the day count, as much as we do any other day.

When we got back to our hotel that night, there was an email from my best friends' dad.  I have been friends with her family since I was 16 years old and in many ways, consider her family to be my family, too.  My friend was the matron of honor at my wedding and her dad danced with me to the Father/Daughter dance.  Her mom has been someone I have been able to confide in for years and years. They have embraced Gary and loved him since the first time I brought him over.

So back to the email. Turns out they were also aware of the 6 month anniversary of our baby girl.  Mind you, this was less than 2 weeks before their granddaughter was due into this world.  But their thoughts were with us and our baby.  They wanted to honor her and make sure that she would never be forgotten.  So they named a star after her.  A real live star!  So now when I go to sleep at night, I know that my baby's star is out there, shinning bright.  It's the sweetest gift in the world.  The certificates arrived over the weekend and I can't wait to hang them up for everyone to see.

Before we got home to see that our "star" had arrived, we had spent the day with Gary's family for our niece's 1st birthday party.  There was yummy food and cake and presents galore.  Although I fully expected to feel so lost that day as my daughter was never going to have a first birthday, I instead felt comforted to be around so much love and laughter.  Gary's aunt told us she got a tree planted in Israel in Allie's name and that is when the tears came.  His Aunt is Catholic and has taught for 40+ years at a Catholic school and she went out of her way to find something meaningful to do to honor our daughter.  Planting a tree-a concrete, practical act-has represented hope since ancient times.  It is an honor to have a tree planted in your name and once we have the official paperwork, I will gladly share it with you.

Up next...Mud.  Wet dirt.  That is how we spent our Sunday.  The "Tough Mudder" is a 12 mile coure with 30 some obstacles that is all done in the mud.  Men and women train for months and months to be able to compete.  On Sunday, Gary, my brother Dan, and a close family friend all competed.  They were filthy by the end, but accomplished so much.  They worked as a team and came out winners.  They swam in tubs of ice water and ran the "mud mile".  They climbed walls and dodged electric shock.  They jumped through fire.  This competition is no joke!  Here is a pic of Gary and my brother about half way through.  It's followed by the boys about to cross the finish line.  You will see Gary's hands are in the air making an "A" for Allison for she is is driving force through all his challenges. I am so very proud of them all.

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  1. Love all of this!!!! How sweet was it of your friend's parents to have a star named after your girl! And the tree...SO thoughtful and beautiful!!!! That run sounds so intense...not something I could ever do, but good for Gary. And that picture of his "A" at the end...couldn't be more sweet! Such a good daddy!


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