Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving has never been my favorite holiday. My parents were divorced when I was young and so we were never all together as a family.  I always had a place to go where I was welcome and where I was loved, but I hear so many people talk about the day with so much excitement and anticipation and that's just not how it is for me.  Maybe it would have been this year, had my daughter lived to experience her first Thanksgiving, but we all know that she did not and that is why I am here.

Still, I enjoyed the time off from work and the break from the everyday things.  Gary and I finally hung Allie's star in our house and below it, hung a framed picture of her feet that we got printed up a few months ago.  We shared the picture with immediate family, but we had kept it framed and upstairs for just us to see.  I felt like it was time to bring the photo downstairs.  The star and the picture are on the wall next to the sliding glass door that leads to our deck.  Past the deck is Allie's Creek.  It seemed like the perfect place for both.  (Please excuse the amateur photography and the fact you can see me in the background!). 

We also got to spend time with Ella this weekend.  She is starting to find her voice and making all kinds of sounds.  She can hold herself up now and we think she might be crawling very soon.  She is a joy to be around and I am so very proud to be her aunt.  Gary loves her as much as I do...that much is clear! 

We spent the rest of the weekend with friends and family.  We spent time with ourselves outside as it was unseasonably warm. We did some work around the house and watched some TV and just relaxed.  We ate leftovers and vegged out.  It was not the Thanksgiving we had hoped for, but all things considered, it was not half bad!  And there is the hope that next year, it will be even better. 


  1. I LOVE the picture of her feet, thank you for sharing that precious part of her. I only have Kayla's picture displayed in our bedroom, by her urn. I don't feel comfortable putting it out in our house for just anyone to see yet. But I do have one of just our hands that I might frame, you're setting a good example!

  2. Glad the day wasn't as bad as you expected. I feel the same way, still so hard with our girls missing because we know how GREAT it would be with them here!

    Also I love the wall with Allie's star and feet. We have Addison's hand holding our hands on the fire place mantel, but that's all we display. I feel like her pictures are sacred and not just everyone gets to see.

    That picture of Gary is too sweet, it's obvious what a good dad he IS. You are both such good parents. Allie is lucky to be so loved by you. <3


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