Monday, November 7, 2016

I'm With Her

I am soooo with her. To me, there is no other choice. And yet, if you are not voting the way I plan to vote tomorrow, I will not unfriend you. That goes against my beliefs as much as all the bullying and hate talk that has been rampant these past few months. I will still be in your life even if you do not share the same beliefs as me.

I am not an overly political person. I doubt anyone knows who I have voted for in the past, although I never made a secret of it. My mom was always a Democrat and my dad was always a Republican and I think it was our choice as to what we wanted to be. At least in my mind it was.

I love voting. I love it because I am allowed to do it. If Miranda did not have school tomorrow, I would take her. I would show her how I stand in line, proudly show my ID, sign my name and wait. I would show her how to make small talk with the people at the polls and how to enjoy this luxury that we have. I would show her how awesome it is that I can vote and that she can someday, too.

I am not voting for her just because she is a woman. That makes no sense. I am voting for her because she is (in my opinion - and this is my blog so I am entitled to my opinion!) a strong, smart, passionate woman who will do great things for this country. My country. The country in which I live and love and am raising my daughter.

There is so much nastiness (yes, I know) out there and I do not understand why. Since when did it become a bad thing to speak our minds and our hearts? Since when did it become a personal battle when the person you support does something right or something wrong?

We are all flawed. We are all human. I just hope that we all remember that when we wake up Wednesday morning.

Vote how you want - I know I will. But be kind, please. For the sake of all of us and for the future voters we are raising.

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