Saturday, May 19, 2012

Walk to Remember

Today was the 2nd Annual UNITE Walk to Remember.  We had a gorgeous day here in the Eastern PA and it was the perfect day to be outside.

We packed a picnic lunch and met up with everyone around noon.  In addition to spending time with the people we knew, we got the chance to interact with new people.  Many areas were represented and it was nice to see that we were all there for the same single reason - to remember our babies.

There were plenty of children there - some teeny tiny and some much bigger.  There was laughter and joy and smiles all around.  Many wore ribbons with the name of their baby on it as a way to remember and it was so poignant to see little kids wearing the names of their sisters or brothers.

Many people asked Gary and I about our shirts, the ones he designed last year.  We were proud to explain her Allie's logo and how we came up with it.  We wore our shirts last weeks, too, and also sparked some interest.  We were so happy to be wearing them.

About an hour after arrival, all the families gathered together for a poem.  I asked for it to be sent to be as I really liked it.  I will post it when I get it, but in the meantime, I can tell you what I remember...I am paraphrasing, so bear with me.  

"A walk to remember is important, but we do not need to walk to remember".  I loved that.

There was another part about "blowing your bubbles skyward" and they passed out little bubbles for us all to blow up into the sky.  Here are some pictures - you need to really look to see the bubbles (bottom right), but I assure you there were there.

Then we walked. It was just a mile.  One simple mile in which each step was for our babies.  My mom walked with another mom and her family.  Gary and I walked hand in hand and discussed how Allie is always with us and around us.  It was shady and lush on the path where we were and it was also peaceful and serene.

When complete, all the families spent some more time at the pavilion talking, sharing stories and talking about how important UNITE has been to all of us.  

Gary and Me

I was asked this past week to write the Fall Fundraiser letter for this organization.  I delightfully accepted.  I began writing just over a year ago as I had no outlet for my grief and now I am being sought after for my words.    As Gary said to me just today, "this cause needs words" and I am glad to be the one to write them.
Mom and Me

So here we sit, Gary on the couch doing his MBA homework and me at the dining room table writing away and in a way, today was just like any other day.  We lived, we laughed, we celebrated our daughter...

Thanks to UNITE for a beautiful day.  Please sign us up now for next year!

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  1. What a wonderful (except we wish it weren't needed) event. It sounds beautiful. I wish we had something like that in our area.


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