Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mission Adoptable

Well, we did it.  We hosted an amazing fundraiser this past Sunday.  We had 104 people attend and raised twice the amount of money that we were hoping to raise!  We are still on track to be shown to birth moms right around Valentine's Day.  I feel hope.  I feel lucky.  I feel good.

I did not think that I would have the capacity to feel any of those things not too long ago. I will admit now that I was so wrong.

One of the many tables of supporters

Crowd shot
The event was from 12-4.  We got there around 10 and started setting up.  A former coworker of mine donated her DJ services.  Another friend offered to help run the basket donations.  Gary's dad and brother, as well as my brother, sold raffle tickets like they have never been sold before.  One friend donated the beer.  Some family donated the wine.  We got a discount on the food as the owner of the restaurant we used also used adoption to grow his family.  We had more than 15 baskets to raffle and many gift cards, certificates good for ski lifts, house painting, my hair saloon and more.  I was watching it all come in and unfold and was mesmerized. All of this for us?

We ran out of hot food within the first 2 hours and had to order 10 pizzas!  We never expected the turnout to be as grand as it was!

We had support from the start..."How can I help?" was texted and emailed to me over and over.  We had support setting up.  We had support breaking everything down.  I remember my mom telling me to take a minute to absorb the magnitude of the day...and the love that was in the fire hall that day.  

We had an agenda that we tried to abide by...welcome announcement at this time, 50/50 raffle at that time.  My dear husband who is usually much more introverted than I am, worked that room like it was something he did every Sunday!   We saw so many people from our life interacting and laughing and having a good time.  I saw faces that I had not seen in years.  We had friends come in from Connecticut to Virginia and states in-between!

The pictures are starting to come in. Here is a small sampling. We are going to use some of the group shots for our Profile Book so that we can show just how much love and light is in our lives.

The event was such a success that our Adoption Social Worker asked me to write an article about it for their company newsletter!

Our story is not over.  Our daughter made sure of that.  A new chapter is about to begin.

Our nephews and niece orchestrated a karaoke contest.  Gary and I tied!

"Here Comes the Sun" - our song for Allie and now her little brother or sister

Some of our loving friends

Some of the generous donations to be raffled off

Another popular raffle

Baskets everywhere!
Desserts For Sale - BIG hit!

From the personal piggy bank of a special little boy

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